Adding a waistcoat to your suit is a simple way to enhance your style. Here you can browse hundreds of stunning waistcoats that are ideal for weddings, formal occasions, work and everyday wear. All our waistcoats are crafted from high quality fabrics and tailored in fashionable designs.


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  • Black Dupion Waistcoat
  • Ivory Dupion Waistcoat
  • Dark Gold Dupion Waistcoat
  • Racing Green Dupion Waistcoat
  • Crimson Red Dupion Waistcoat
  • Silver Dupion Waistcoat
  • Silver Glitter Paisley Jacquard Waistcoat
  • Burgundy Jacquard Waistcoat with Silver Glitter Dots
  • Black & Silver Glitter Patterned Jacquard Waistcoat
  • Black Diamond Patterned Jacquard Waistcoat with Silver Glitter Dots
  • Silver Glitter Swirl Jacquard Waistcoat
  • Black Patterned Jacquard Waistcoat with Silver Glitter Dots
  • Silver Glitter Jacquard Waistcoat
  • Black Jacquard Waistcoat with Silver & Burgundy Swirl Dots
  • PROMO - Party Waistcoats
  • Purple Da Vinci Waistcoat
  • Gold Da Vinci Waistcoat
  • Silver Da Vinci Waistcoat
  • Tartan Waistcoat

    Tartan Waistcoat


  • Green Tartan Waistcoat
  • Union Jack Waistcoat

    Union Jack Waistcoat


  • Black/Silver Edwardian Swirl Jacquard Waistcoat
  • Red/Silver Edwardian Swirl Jacquard Waistcoat
  • Racing Green Silk Velvet Waistcoat - Limited Edition
  • Silver Easy Care Waistcoat
  • Black Easy Care Waistcoat
  • Burgundy Easy Care Waistcoat
  • Light Grey Tweed Low Cut Waistcoat
  • Light Brown Tweed Low Cut Waistcoat
  • 100% Wool Grey Tweed Waistcoat
  • Midnight Blue Check Pattern Waistcoat
  • Light Grey Waistcoat
  • http://www.mytuxedo.co.uk/styles/tweed-formalwear/
  • Black Da Vinci Waistcoat
  • Red Da Vinci Waistcoat
  • Blue Da Vinci Waistcoat
  • White Tie Marcella Waistcoat
  • Black Patterned Jacquard Waistcoat
  • Burgundy Patterned Jacquard Waistcoat
  • Wine Leaf Waistcoat
  • Silver Leaf Waistcoat
  • Navy Blue Leaf Waistcoat
  • Dove Grey Single Breasted Morning Suit Waistcoat
  • Gold/Buff Double Breasted Shawl Lapel Morning Suit Waistcoat
  • Luxury 100% Wool Dove Grey Double Breasted Morning Suit Waistcoat
  • St George Waistcoat

    St George Waistcoat


  • Evergreen Edwardian Swirl Jacquard Waistcoat
  • Moroccon Blue Edwardian Swirl Jacquard Waistcoat
  • 216 Product(s)
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216 Items Found | Page 1 of 5

Mens Waistcoats

Waistcoats have been an accepted item of men’s tailoring since the17th Century. King Charles II introduced the waistcoat as a part of correct dress during the Restoration of the British monarchy, and Samuel Pepys wrote about his love of waistcoats or ‘vests’ in 1666.

Today you’re most likely to be buying a men’s waistcoat as the extra element required for a smartly matching three-piece suit. It’s a great look, and a simple yet effective way of bringing more formality and detail to your suit. You might be dressing it up for a special occasion – to wear at a wedding or christening, for example – or just fancy being more adventurous with your work-wear wardrobe. A classic style like this Alexander Dobell charcoal, navy or black waistcoat can be bought with a matching suit, and with its five button front, adjustable waist, and light, durable fabric has proved a great value option for thousands of our customers.

We also stock a wonderful range of wedding waistcoats, which really bring a morning suit to life. The range is vast, so think carefully about your chosen colour scheme before making a decision. Popular choices include the ivory waistcoat which can be teamed with a matching cravat, bow tie or tie, the lovely deep plum colour waistcoat, and a richly textured gold leaf waistcoat that will add real class to your wedding attire.

Waistcoats have seen a style renaissance in recent years, with men who like to dress with individuality leaping at the chance to add texture and depth to both formal and casual outfits. Tweed waistcoats fit the bill brilliantly here, so take some time to browse the real classics we have on offer such as this Black and White Tweet Country Waistcoat, or this Earth Green Tweed Double Breasted Waistcoat. Both look extra dapper worn with tweed bow ties.

Men’s fashion icons including David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Daniel Craig have shown the world that by adding this traditional piece of suiting without a matching jacket you can create a contemporary look that is both smart and cool. Street fashion in recent years has seen waistcoats worn with unusual shirts, jeans, vintage neckties, and casual footwear such as trainers, biker boots and desert boots.

With the simple addition of a waistcoat you can really boost your formal or fashion credentials.